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ICB Commercial's residential arm is comprised of seasoned professionals with expertise that draws from various backgrounds including finance, accounting, construction, home renovation, and investments.  They work to support our client's needs beyond just listing or searching for your home.

Each of our clients receive one-on-one attention, where we strive to deliver the highest level of service, as our clients deserve nothing less.

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Megan King - Director
Level 10 Team
Konnie Hermesmeyer - Manager
Melissa Evertson - Agent
Kate Moreland - Agent


Megan King

Residential Services Director

12801 N Central Expressway, Suite 220, Dallas, TX 75244

972.999.3893 cell

Central Texas Team

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Texas law requires all agents and brokers to provide written notice regarding Information About Brokerage Services at the first substantive communication with a prospective client. The IABS form is the TREC required method to provide that information to those parties, where that form for ICB Properties, LLC can be found by clicking here:       TREC_IABS 1-0 Form

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